Private Web Hosting

Why Private?

We call it “Private” simply because we offer it ONLY to customers that have created a website/s with us and we maintain them.

How does it Work?

We have simply purchased space in SiteGround servers and we sell it for a cheaper price.

Since SG is the best company that we have tried as of this moment, we encourage all our new customers to host their sites with it. A good benefit of hosting with us is that after the first year you will be paying the same price.

What’s the Catch?

  • We offer  this PRIVATE WEB HOSTING SERVICE for our customers for $150/year and we have all the intentions not to rise the price for as long as we can. Please Contact Us for more details.
  • We watch 24 x 7 what is happening with your site!
  • The best thing is that we have a closer control of the sites that we take care off.
  • Check the freebies that you get with our packages

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